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International Sugars Inc. was incorporated in 1991 to continue the services formerly provided by Isocane Industries Inc. (1985-1991).  The company was founded by Christopher Bullock Sr. who brought two of his children into the business in 1994 to help with the company’s expansion. Margaret Bullock-Hétu focused on sales and administration while Christopher Bullock Jr. looked after the production and warehousing areas of the business.  This model was successful and is continued to this day with Margaret and Chris Jr. operating the business as President and Vice-President respectively since 2001.

Corporate Goals

International Sugars Inc. strives to be creative and responsive to the needs of our customers, and to be the most knowledgeable, credible, dependable and versatile supplier possible. We operate under five main objectives:

  • To provide our customers with high quality ingredients;
  • To give our customers outstanding service and value;
  • To build strong, flexible, long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers based on mutual trust, honesty, and integrity;
  • To maintain our strong commitment to food safety and allergen management;
  • To offer Natural, Certified Organic, Fair-Trade and Sustainable ingredient options.

With these goals in mind, we endeavour to be the primary contact when the subject of nutritive sweeteners arises.

Core Business

We supply a solid customer base of food and beverage manufacturers within Canada.  Ingredients are sourced domestically and internationally directly from ingredient manufacturers.  Our customer base includes bakery, confectionery, dairy, beverage and other processors.  Ingredients are supplied from our Woodbridge, Ontario location which includes our dry ingredients warehouse and a liquid packaging line where we fill returnable totes, one-way totes, drums and pails. Conventional sugar ingredients from cane and beet were the core business for many years.  In 1999 we introduced certified organic sugar. Since then we have expanded into rice and its flours and syrups and more recently we have added organic palm fruit shortening and organic agave syrup to our ingredient portfolio.



Christopher Bullock Sr. (1942-2001)


Christopher Bullock Sr. started in the sugar industry in the 1970s working as a sales representative for a sugar refinery in Canada. During an acquisition and the subsequent consolidation, Chris was rationalized into unemployment. An entrepreneur at heart, Chris remained in the sugar business and became a broker operating out of his home office at first (Anderson Food Specialties), then from an office with a 3rd party warehouse and co-packer (Isocane Industries) and then from his own office and warehouse with packaging equipment (International Sugars).


Margaret Bullock-Hétu


Margaret Bullock-Hétu worked with her parents at the family sugar business part-time as a student then joined full-time in 1994 to lead the company’s expansion. In 1998 she learned about Certified Organic Sugar and it became her objective to take International Sugars in that direction.  As a university graduate majoring in Political Science, Margaret was ready to navigate the highly political climate of commodities and in particular the relationship between government bodies and sugar. Margaret went to Ottawa in 2000 and successfully applied for an exclusion from anti-dumping and countervailing duties for Certified Organic Sugar originating from the USA.  Margaret became President and co-owner of International Sugars in 2001 when Chris Bullock Sr. passed away.

Benefits Of Working With International Sugars


Phone calls are answered directly and emails responded to promptly. Our Document Management System, custom in-house software, allows us to send requested product documentation instantly and always the most current version.


Our returnable tote program was designed to minimize wasted product, packaging and transportation costs. The customized units are lightweight and stackable, the units drain well, clean well and you can see how much product is remaining in your tote.

Highly Efficient

Our Inventory Management System, also custom in-house software, enables us to maintain appropriate stock levels of all ingredients for fast order processing. By working with a select few pre-approved carriers with large fleets, we are able to make deliveries to all customers very quickly, even with short notice.


We offer a variety of packaging options and support. Liquid sugar blends can be tailored to the customer. Customer specific needs are relayed to the warehouse team who make sure the order is fully compliant prior to shipment.

International Sugars is a company with a proven track record of success.  Our long term supplier and customer relationships are a testament to our ability to build superior business relationships.  We look forward to working with you as we continue to grow our business and provide the highest level of service to the Canadian food industry.